Nr. Tanz Musik Anmerkungen
1 Ah Si Levantando las Manos  
2 Alligator Shuffle Jumpin' the Jetty (Paartanz)
3 An absolute Dream Land of Dreams  
4 Arizona freeze Achy breaky Heart  
5 Behind the Clouds Behind the Clouds  
6 Black Coffee Black Coffee  
7 Blanket on the Ground Blanket on the Ground  
8 Boys will be Boys That don't make me a bad Guy  
9 Bread and Butter Dance about the Rainbow  
10 Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas  
11 Canadian Stomp Any Man of Mine  
12 Cheyenne The Spirit of the Hawk  
13 Coastin' Lord of the Dance  
14 Come dance with me Come dance with me  
15 Cotton eyed Joe Cotton eyed Joe (Rednex) (Paartanz im Kreis)
16 Cowboy Charleston Dixieland Delight (lange Tanz-Version)
17 El Paso Neon Moon (Paartanz)
18 Ghost Train Ghost Train  
19 Going back West Going back West  
20 Golden Wedding Ring Golden Ring  
21 Grandpa Tell me 'bout the good old Days  
22 Gypsy Queen Gypsy Queen  
23 Hey Girl Come do a little Life  
24 Hooked on Country Hooked on Country  
25 Indian Sound Indian Sound  
26 Irish Stew Irish Stew  
27 K.A.B.A. Boogie A Woman like you  
28 Lindi Shuffle If I said you had a beautiful Body (evtl. gegenüber)
29 Loreley Loreley  
30 Mountains to the Sea Mountains to the Sea  
31 No Angel You are no Angel (Paartanz)
32 Not fair Not fair/ Black Pearl  
33 Oh Suzannah Oh Suzannah  
34 One Step forward, two Steps back One Step forward  
35 Rockin' Some Beach  
36 Rockin the Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel  
37 Shakin Mix Hit Mix - Shakin Stevens  
38 Shout Shout Shout Shout  
39 Sixteen Step Thank God for the Radio (Paartanz)
40 Southside Shuffle Fishing in the Dark (gegenüber)
41 Tennessee Waltz Strawberry Wine (gegenüber)
42 Tequilla Sunrise Tequilla Sunrise  
43 The Picnic Polka  I wanna be a Cowboy's Sweetheart  
44 Tush Push Every little Thing (im Kreis)
45 Western Barn Dance The closer you get (Paartanz im Kreis)
46 Joana Come Early Morning   
47 Lonely Drum/Drummer Lonely Drum Linien/Paartanz
48 Jacobs Ladder Blue Rodeo  

49 And YOU YOU YOU Colour ME IN   
50 Something in the Water  Something in the Water   
51 Something fine  Sold von John Michael Montgomey Paartanz
52 Cowboy Strut I'm from the Country   
53 Cheesburger  Everybody Gonfi   
54 Baby Belle The Belle of Liverpool  
55 I love a Rainy Night I love a Rainy  Night  
56 Butterfly  Your Man von Josh Turner Paartanz
57 Things Things I Carry Around   
56 White Rose White Rose   
57 Blue Rose Blue Rose Paartanz
58 Copperhead Road Copperhead Road  
59 County Line Cha Cha Let Your Love Flow   
60 Mama Loo Mama Loo  
61 Sweet like cola Sweet like cola  
62 Dance like your the only one Sun Goes Down  
63 Rufus Cripple Creek Gruppentanz
64 Electric Slide Chasin that neon RainbRainbow  
65 My Tipperary Girl Tipperary Girl  
66 Siicks and Stones Sticks and Stones  
67 Galway Girls Galway Girl  
68 Chattahoochee Chattahoochee  
69 When you Smile When you Smile  
70 Skinny Genes Skinny Genes  
71 Coffee Days and WhiWhiskey Nights Coffee Days and WhiWhiskey Nights  
72 Bonaparte`s Retreat Bonaparte`s Retreat  
73 Back Again 1000 Träume wert Eigene Choreographie
74 Watermelon Crawl Watermelon Crawl  
75 Stroll Along Cha Cha I`m Gonna Miss You, Girl